Really too little for adventure

Born: April 3, 1920
Place of Birth: The Embassy of Japan, Paris
Nationality: Japanese
Religion: is an object of worship
Occupation: Guardian
Voice: Coloratura soprano
Class: Aiming at Mini Flyweight
Hobbies: Eating, sleeping, singing
Ism: Bushido
Flower: Chrysanthemum (”Cheerful despite setbacks.”)
Scent: magical puppy smell

Mochi is an Akita Inu puppy. Monchi’s origins are steeped in mystery, but you can read more about her in these posts:

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Mochi’s name refers to a traditional Japanese rice cake, which is often white, soft and round. A cute variation of mochi is spotted with black beans and known as mamemochi.

Mochi’s Confucian virtue is kō (孝) – filial piety; devotion