Really too little for adventure

Born: April 3, 1920
Place of Birth: The Embassy of Japan, Paris
Nationality: Japanese
Religion: is an object of worship
Occupation: Guardian
Voice: Coloratura soprano
Class: Aiming at Mini Flyweight
Hobbies: Eating, sleeping, singing
Ism: Bushido
Flower: Chrysanthemum (”Cheerful despite setbacks.”)
Scent: magical puppy smell

Mochi is an Akita Inu puppy. Mayann’s ex-boyfriend, the Japanese painter Jean Tsoubaki, gave Mochi to her on April 30, 1920, which Mayann optimistically interpreted as an engagement gift. With four weeks, Mochi was really too little to be given away, but all her litter mates had succumbed to canine distemper.

Mochi’s name refers to a traditional Japanese rice cake, which is often white, soft and round. A cute variation of mochi is spotted with black beans and known as mamemochi.

Mochi’s Confucian virtue is kō (孝) – filial piety; devotion