GoldenBird is a humorous adventure comic set in the early 1920’s. It is inspired by real events, but all characters are fictional, and many places are fictional as well. If you have a taste for romance and comedy and want to see all those cute but stereotypical sidekicks from adventure stories throughout the ages in leading roles, you will like this comic.

As for today (1 January 2019), I have finished 5 chapters of 7 planned, and I’m working on chapter 6. All pages will be gradually published here, in addition to bonus strips and illustrations. Chapters 1-4 have been self-published in several printed editions.

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Who is writing this?

My name is Ainur Elmgren. I have been drawing comics for as long as I can remember.
Some of them have even been published, for example, in the Swedish student magazine Lundagård. Currently, the Swedish history journal Scandia is publishing my comics.

In 2003, I started to work on my Ph.D. in history at Lund University, which forced me to put aside my regular drawing for some time. But the very thing that came between me and the pencil – History with a big H – inspired me to start drawing a real story again. The 1920’s with their political fury and glitzy entertainment caught my attention. Finally, I defended my thesis successfully on December 19th, 2008, and nowadays I’m working as a researcher and teacher at the University of Helsinki, Finland.

Drop me a line: ainur dot elmgren at iki dot fi

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