New fan art!

Anssi Rauhala

These jazzy characters by Anssi Rauhala are the pup’s bow-wow! Anssi is an accomplished artist and translator, and special mention goes to the adventure comics that he created together with church historian Mikko Ketola about history professor Anni Isotalo who solves mysteries in the Vatican, in Istanbul, in Karelia…

Falco Peregrini by Jenny Hannula

I was so happy when animator and comic artist Jenny Hannula featured Falco in her Christmas calendar 2013, and as you can see, Falco enjoyed it, too!

From Medley by Lisa Medin

Axel from Medley as “Hans van Falco”

Lisa Medin is a brushwork virtuoso whose magnum opus Medley is full of drama, compelling characters, and musical humour. If you like Goldenbird, there is a high risk that you will love Medley. I know I do, and therefore I was stunned when Lisa told me that there was a little “Easter egg” for me in Volume 1: En ny våg, (Kolik 2013). This is not so much fan art as a sly wink for the initiates…


Mock Mochi

A most insanely detailed piece of fan art, crafted with lovable obsession by the incomparable Tinet Elmgren.

Speaking of lovable obsession, the next picture might be NSFW (depending where you work).

No, it’s not Falco!

Ettore by Tinet Elmgren

It’s the first piece of fan art I ever received and it’s one of a kind. I imagine it to be a carte de visite that the proud Pinkshirt sends to his potential admirers among the young ladies of the “liberated” city. Ettore is eternally in debt to Tinet, and maybe one day I will dare to respond to the challenge. I would especially like to draw Erlik from Tinet’s epic masterpiece Driftwood