Remember my “Halloween special”? Well, Halloween is long gone, but I did finish the story, and it will be published by the online comic magazine in time for Small Press Expo in Stockholm this weekend. The whole comic will be in Swedish, of course, but I will post English translations here.

I’m very grateful for this opportunity to practice editing (originally I planned a storyline of 28 installments, but now I was forced to squeeze in a satisfying conclusion in 10 pages – much better and much more convincing! At least if you’re a Lovecraft fan…). Hopefully people who haven’t read Goldenbird before will appreciate this short story and come here for more.

“Nyarlathotep” has everything – 1920’s pseudoscience, Lovecraft, puppies, fashion, egyptomania, tentacles, sexy men with big mustaches and/or big noses. Love it or lose your mind.