This survey was initiated by the extraordinary Loka Kanarp (creator of the comic Pärlor & Patroner – 60 historical portraits of women). Thanks to Fredrik Strömberg for the English translation and the awesome plug for Goldenbird on his blog!

My name is: Ainur
I live in: Lund, but very soon in Helsinki

I have been to SPX Stockholm (# of times): Three times? Yeah, I guess so. Dissertation work causes amnesia… But I clearly remember living on a hotel boat twice, and staying with Horst Schröder once… Hey, I didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition!

At this year’s SPX I will: Join the Swedish Comics Association jury for the big beauty competition for self-published comics on Sunday. I also look forward to seeing old friends, making new ones, fangirling celebrities etc, although I have been too busy with other things to actually check all events…
It would be great to go to one or two of the many release parties around Stockholm this time. Usually I’m too exhausted (after sitting on my butt and selling comics the whole day) but maybe, just maybe this time… (It’s the wrong time of the month, too D:)

Three fanzines I’m looking forward to: Anima by Stef Gaines, Agnosis by Li Österberg, and Tunguska by Tinet Elmgren.

My best discovery on SPX: The works of Olivia Skjöld. (Inspelningen, ett märkligt album med fascinerande dialog om stumfilmsstjärnan Al Jolson och underhållningsindustrins barndom, går att beställa på Dreamboat Music.)

My best memory from SPX: When Goldenbird 3-4 won an award for the prettiest fanzine cover last year! Honour and glory (and Fanzineindex 2001)! And no, I wasn’t in the jury at that time.

Apparently, the theme this year is “adventure and history in comics” (I thought it was sex). Cool! Right up my alley. (Though I don’t mind sex either.)

Others who have also replied: Micke Sol, Stef Gaines, Tinet Elmgren, Staffan på Staffars Serier