A man on a mysterious mission


Name: Falco Demetrio Luigi Maria Peregrini
Born: November 5th, 1893 (age 26)
Place of Birth: Venice
Nationality: Italian
Religion: Roman Catholic
Occupation: Seminarian, Ph.D. student, language teacher
Voice: Lyrical tenor
Class: Featherweight
Hobbies: Hiking, rare books, repairing cars, wireless communication
Ism: Ultramontanism
Flower: White dog rose (”I am worthy of you / Pleasure and pain.”)
Scent: motor oil, frankincense, ozone

He is a Catholic seminarian in his final years, working on his doctorate in theology, recently ordained a deacon. Mayann hired him as her French teacher after they met at an old book shop at Montmartre.

We have reason to believe that they did not meet by chance.

Falco belongs to the Order of the Rose of the World, an offshoot of the Society of Jesus. Originally, the order was created as a “Trojan horse” to enable Jesuits access to countries with anti-Jesuit laws (such as pre-war Imperial Germany). Similar to the SJ, the ORW values obedience, learning and flexibility. Furthermore, the ORW has ecumenical ambitions; its leaders believe the future of Christendom (and, indeed, the whole of humanity) is at stake and only interfaith dialogue can prevent a future collapse of civilization.

Under the antimodernist Pope Pius X, the ORW came under suspicion of heresy and almost fell from grace. Under the current, more lenient Benedict XV, the order again became necessary in the struggle for peace in Europe. Unfortunately most of its younger members succumbed to patriotism and joined their native countries’ war efforts, including Falco. He still feels guilty for his youthful naiveté and his misdeeds at the front.