She has good reason to be angry.

Born: October 10th, 1879
Place of Birth: Warsaw
Nationality: French
Religion: Jewish (Agnostic)
Occupation: Doctor (M.D.), women’s health
Voice: Mezzosoprano
Class: Flyweight
Hobbies: Women’s suffrage
Ism: Positivism
Flower: Chamomile (”Energy in adversity.”)
Scent: Kölnisch Wasser

Goldie Shapiro is a doctor and women’s rights activist at a time when both activities could get you in trouble and in the headlines. She is a naturalized French citizen of Polish-Jewish origin, and therefore also engaged in the rights of immigrants and minority groups in the country. Mayann sponsors her research secretly.

Right now, she is enjoying her first real holiday since the war began, but can’t stop worrying about masculine conspiracies against feminine freedom.