Nino & Zeppe

Nino (Antonio) Santin

Born: June 13, 1901 in Ginestra

Zeppe (Giuseppe) Moro

Born: March 17, 1900 in Ginestra

Nino and Zeppe are two young scholastics who are always seen together at their seminary. In fact, except for Falco and Father Pietro, they seem to be the only residents. In chapter 4, Nino implies that at least one of the fathers died in the Great War.

Zeppe is older and more reserved, while Nino is cheerful, outgoing and rather naive. Both of them view Falco with awe. While Father Pietro tries to keep the distance to dangerous politics by isolating himself in his rose garden, Falco presents a different kind of attitude.

Nino and Zeppe are nevertheless active in the local community, visiting even far-off mountain villages in order to help the needy. They drive a wartime Fiat 15ter truck. Both belong to the Italian population of Ginestra. Zeppe is considerably more anti-Slavic than Nino. For him, Yugoslavic nationalism is almost equal to revolutionary Socialism.