It’s Small Press Expo 2011 soon – if you’re in Stockholm next weekend, be sure to drop in at Kulturhuset (info in English).

I don’t have my own table this time, and the whole event collides with a history conference in Göteborg, but I’ll be there on Sunday hanging out with my sister & idol Tinet Elmgren and other amazing cartoonists. Tinet organises a live drawing & animation event with our vj friend Ilan Katin, and I’ll be participating around 15:00 on Sunday afternoon, if you’re curious. Perhaps I’ll also be hanging out at the table of the folks of – an online comic magazine that published Lovecraft’s favourite Goldenbird spinoff, Nyarlathotep.

Of course I’ll bring some printed Goldenbirds and hawk them to discerning connoisseurs of quality comics. What else? Oh yes: Swedish Comic Sin 2 is out! The second volume of the best and most fresh erotic comics in Scandinavia can be purchased at SPX 2011. But not from me (though I’ll gladly point you in the right direction) – I’m saving my 30 books for the Finnish market. So if you have 20€ to spend on lots of happy, cute, hot, feminist- and diversity-friendly sex stories, mail me! (I’ll try to book a table at Helsinki Comics Festival 16-18.9.2011.)