Once upon a time, there was a little country with a dire need for friends.


Okay, it was on the 4th of June… I’m a little late with everything. Here are some of the artistic projects I finished this year:

Campaign material for a good friend who was a candidate in the parliamentary elections in Finland this spring.

My contribution in the erotic anthology Swedish Comic Sin 2, available from yours truly here in Helsinki for a mere 20€.

Some projects that I’m still working on:

Illustrations for the Czech fantasy RPG project Vukogvadz. Some of my concept sketches from 2010 are exhibited on the project’s Facebook page.

Sadly, I’m also a half-time post-doc researcher working on two different projects (= 100%), teaching on the side, and just got funding for yet another project, so… I miss Goldenbird. But can’t complain…

(Next new year’s resolution: no more commissions accepted!)