The public library in Kallio, a district of Helsinki pretty close to my own neighborhood, invited artisans and hobbyists to a flea market this weekend. You can see photos of the event on, and there’s even a nice photo of me and my friends Miia and Kaarina at our table. Miia is the creator of Rakkaat siskot, a clever and insightful comic about gay issues, social commentary and geek humour. Kaarina is the mastermind behind such wacky characters as Walter Ego and Orava (The Squirrel). We had lots of fun together and I hope that our laughter invited more visitors than it scared away.

Here are some of the postcards that I drew. I also made a bunch of Christmas cards, but it just feels wrong to post them in November. Who knows, maybe they will appear in YOUR mailbox in a month.


Puppy and tennis ball

Siberian cat

Siberian cat

chow chow

Chow chow with glitter varnish


Puppy with biscuit