If you like epic comics and attractive characters with big noses, but feel frustrated with the lack of Goldenbird updates, check out my sister Tinet Elmgren’s comic Driftwood. It’s a young woman’s coming-of-age story, a proletarian Bildungsroman, and an anarcho-socialist fantasy world all rolled into one. Nautical romance, martial arts action and psychological family drama! Tinet made a comic that she would have wanted to read as a teenager, which, I can assure you from my own experience, is the best way of making a comic that also adults can enjoy. (At least if you haven’t forgotten how terrible it was to be a teenager…)

Right now, Driftwood is only available online, or in a printed Swedish-language edition (Drivgodshär finns en lista på köpställen). The pros with a printed edition are (in my opinion) readability (some people just prefer browsing physical pages) and collectability (is that even a word? A printed book is pretty :3). There are many more pros, for example, you can get a cool t-shirt and other stuff if you contribute to the crowdfunding! With collective efforts, we can make it happen.

Driftwood t-shirt

Go to indiegogo.com to check out the options ranging from 2€ for a PDF of Flotsam and Jetsam, with all the extras and then some, to 150€ for an original page of your choice (first come, first serve).