who can guess the inspiration?

The break has been far too long. I have worked hard (not on Goldenbird, sadly) and partied hard (not that kind of party) and moved to a new place. Hopefully the artistic feng shui is better here – right between the old working class neighborhoods of Sörnäinen and Vallila in Helsinki. I’ve also started to hang out with some nice comic artists – eventually I will give them proper presentations here, but I’d especially like to mention Kaarina and Miia. Haleja!

I’ve started a project for the Swedish historical review Scandia. I already blog for them, so why not some comics, too?

Coming up: the Helsinki Comics Festival in September 7-9th. I will be there – in the Pienlehtitaivas tent (“Small Press Heaven”) with my sister Tinet. We will represent Swedish Comic Sin and also sell our own stuff in most languages (very little Finnish I’m afraid – we speak it but translating takes time).

Phew! That’s a lot – but it’s only a fraction of what I’ve been doing off-comics. An anthology on anti-Catholicism coming up soon – I write about Jesuits in literature and propaganda, Falco would be so proud.